Update: 3/24/2014

  • Fundamentals is being planned for May.  Spots are filling up.
  • 2014 CrossFit Open end this week.  We will be doing  the last WOD on Sat morning.  Class will start at 8:30 instead of the usual 9am.  If you cannot make Sat mornings make-ups will be on Monday’s.
  • Info for the tough mudder Tri-State
  • GO RUCK Challenge for Friday May, 23rd in New York (12 hour team event)


Partner FUN

W.O.D 5 Rounds for time 30min Cap

  • Run  (X) distance with partner carrying 90/50 together
  • 30 x Wall Ball 20/14
  • 30 x Box Jumps 24/20