CrossFit is a CORE Strength and Conditioning Program made up of Constantly varied, Functional movements performed at High Intensity.

Constantly Varied: A wide variety of movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and cardiovascular modalities changing from day to day.

Functional Movement: Core to extremity, compound and multi-joint movement. Capacity to move large loads over large distances quickly.

High Intensity: Defined exactly as power and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise.

Force x Distance/Time = Power
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Daily Wods
July 4, 2015 7/6/2015

Skill: Establish movement weight and standards for WOD

W.O.D Complete for time

20 x Deadlifts 135/95
400M Run
30 x Box Jumps 24/20

15 x Deadlifts 225/135
600M Run
20 x Box Jumps 24/20

10 x Deadlifts 275/185
800M Run
10 x Box Jumps 30/24

July 1, 2015 7/2/2015

Strength: Front Squat

70% 2 reps x 5 sets

W.O.D 5 Rounds of

3 Min Clock

Complete …

July 1, 2015 7/1/2015

Strength/Skill: 3 RM Hang Power Snatch

20Min, Every 2 min complete 3 x Hang Power Snatches

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